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Amara Emeryth

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Stuff and Things... [29 May 2009|05:03pm]
So in case you don't know, I moved back to california about a week ago. I am not very happy about it though. Maine really wasn't all it was cracked up to be...Well, at least the area I was in. I lived in the ghetto of Lewiston. My apartment was nice, it was hell of bigger than my mom's place, and there was a park -right- across the street....But stuff just didn't work out.

For one thing, there was a matter of Travis' ex girl friend. She is super sweet, her name is Britney, and she was seriously my only friend there...But it was evident she was still in love with Trav and she was sort of relationship sabotage, seriously....but that is a story for another time.

Then there was Travis' job...He started working at a place called Great Falls Marketing....He sold shit like Dual Action Clense and Aloecure to people for extreme prices along with lying to them to get them to buy it, something he didn't feel good about doing...So one morning he just decided not to go to work and we decided to come back here. Which sucks...My mom pissed Larry off and now he is evicting her from her house. So I am now searching for a new place, not that it will do me any good because I don't have an income anymore my mom fucked that one up. And Travis is about to apply for disability, so he isn't working, and theoretically it could take six months for him to get disability :/

Everything is pretty stressful right now. There is just too much to deal with. Bah. Anyways...I just wanted everyone to know that I am not dead.

<3Amara Em
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So he isn't mad anymore... [12 Jan 2009|05:43pm]
Yeah, Travis stop being upset about my rude remark, so that's all good.

I'm -still- compiling reasons why MAINE rocks. I think I've found some interesting stuff...I'll post more about that probably in a day or two.

Hmm, Ira says on wednesday he is going to tell mom he is leaving either to MAINE or to Sacromento when I go, and she is the deciding factor, either she stays quiet and doesn't make trouble when we go to MAINE or he'll just go to Sacromento and she'll never hear from him again anyways. Though I'm sure that just to be spiteful she'll cause problems anyways even if it will push Ira away from her forever.

I need to buy a coat...I have a dozen hoodies, but no jacket or coat...That's on my to-do list. Dristan and Jade both have really nice down coats...I just need to get me, and if Ira comes, him a coat. Lol, Ira picked out these awesome snow/cold weather DC boots. I'm gonna buy them for him this weekend, if I'm not busy...I've been so busy lately, like today I had to go get some forms notarized and send them to oregon for Jade's birth certificate, and I will have to do the same thing for mine and Ira's soon, 'cept they'll get sent to Santa Clara county....Bah, busy, busy, busy....

This is turning into such a stress issue for Travis and I both, I wouldn't be suprised if we both dropped dead from the stress, ugh, I hope that isn't what happens :/

Bleh, I need to go find all of Jade & Dris' socks and wash them, meh.

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Friends Only... [04 Jul 2006|05:11am]

Comment to be added, please. Thanx ^^;
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